LiUNA Ontario Provincial District Council

The Ontario Provincial District Council (OPDC) is a certified council of trade unions made up of affiliates of the Labourers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA).

The OPDC has ten affiliated local unions located throughout the Province of Ontario. Our affiliates specialize in representing construction workers, however, they also represent workers in many other industries including manufacturing, hospitality, cleaning, convention and show services.

LIUNA represents workers in all sectors of the construction industry in Ontario: industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI), residential, roads, pipeline, sewer and watermain, electrical power systems, demolition, utilities and heavy engineering.

In the ICI sector, legislation restricts us to representing labourers, cement finishers, precast erectors, mason tenders and waterproofers; however, in other sectors, without such restrictions, we cover every aspect of construction. For example, in residential construction, our members do footings, foundations, framing, trim carpentry, masonry, tile, plumbing, roofing, roads, curbs, sidewalks and utilities.

The role of the OPDC, within LIUNA, is to support local union affiliates in Ontario. We do this by overseeing the negotiation of province wide collective agreements, assisting in the enforcement of collective agreements, supplying political advocacy and providing legal advice.

The OPDC was created in 1969 when it was issued a charter by LIUNA, and ever since that time it has been instrumental in the growth of LIUNA within Ontario.

The majority of this web site is dedicated to providing confidential services for our local union affiliates and is, therefore, not accessible to the public. If you would like more information concerning the OPDC, please contact our office via the link on this site.